viagra medication for erection best online viagra source Rinneradio 20 Rockadillo Records ZENCD 2123 cuanto cuesta la viagra en mexico

kamagra gel for sale Disc 1: pill for women viagra Teo Teo | Nooga | Affluenza | Harvester | Dance And Visions | Aromaa Alt Too | A Lot Of Interference | Saloma | Walk | Ice Swimming viagra side effects back pain kamagra with paypal Disc 2: cialis 5 mg auf rezept Aalloilla | Airo | Nao | Mel | In Nera | Blue In Purple | D# | Paimen | Ahola | But Anyway Green | bonus: Snow Gurochka acquistare viagra originale Ever since its origin, RinneRadio has been about two things: Unexpectedness and change. These defining characteristics, especially the feeling of the latter, make it almost inconceivable to grasp that twenty years really have passed since the group's inception. vardenafil hcl 20mg tab vs viagra discount cialis pill Wasn't it just a little while ago that composer and drummer Edward Vesala helped the band along by releasing its very first album? Didn't the groundbreaking disc 'Rok' just appear at the record stores? And how long has exactly passed since the collaborations with electronica mastermind Mika Vainio, DJ extraordinaire Jori Hulkkonen, or violin superstar Pekka Kuusisto? buy cialis china purchase viagra online When a band hits the two-decade mark, celebration is due. And oftentimes, a compilation album ensues. But RinneRadio wouldn't be RinneRadio if they didn't incorporate a twist into this institutionalized tradition as well. The method was original: A list of club and radio DJ's was compiled. They were then asked to put together their "dream RinneRadio album". buy viagra uk chemist does viagra really work yahoo These selections were then used as the basis of this album - with a keen eye on the knowledge that the material will be presented in two separate categories. The working titles for these "set lists" were Side A(mbient) and Side B(eat) which gives a good idea of the grand design behind the finished product. viagra burning sensation viagra generique au canada The twenty tracks represent the twenty years of work that a revolving cast of creative musicians, DJ's, producers, sound and light engineers, and movie directors has conjured up with saxophonist/clarinettist, main composer and bandleader Tapani Rinne levitra nedir comprar cialis sevilla Ranging from the minimalist to the overblown, the music on this two-disc compilation retains a sense of wonder and proves that RinneRadio is still in perpetual motion and forever forging a path ahead. Wholly unexpectedly and constantly changing. viagra fact is viagra bought on the internet safe Liner notes by Petri Silas generic cialis no rx RinneRadio best of by Bunuel viagra pribalovy letak But Anyway Green do i need cialis Walk (Op:l Bastards Rmx) watermelon rines and viagra Aromaa Alt buy levitra scientists voice tsunami concern Teo Teo free trial viagra offer By Radio (Dj Bunuel & Miikkamwamba Rmx) 25mg viagra effective Islandisk weight loss pilss Marras uk cialis generic Helsinki Northeast Krump
The Freepop Birds
A Lot of Interference (Live)
Ambient RinneRadio
(ambient RR playlist by Space Commander Mikkola)
Pelogi (Dance and Visons, 1990) 1'03"
Pelakuu (Dance and Visons, 1990) 6'02"
This+Is+ Heaven(Joik,1992) 0'44"+0'47"+0'36"
Aalloilla (Joik, 1992) 1'27"
Dior In Nera (Dior In Nera, 1993) 6'14"
D# (Unik, 1994) 7'19"
Aalloilla II (Unik, 1994) 1'39"
Joki (pfft, 1997) 6'17"
Lenak (G, 1998) 3'59"
Ahola (Nao, 2001) 4'43"
Airo (Lumix, 2003) 5'22"
Alavuk (Pan, 2004) 4'06"
Airoa (Plus, 2006) 5'52"
Ruderate Field (Plus, 2006) 1'45"
Together (Plus, 2006) 6'09"
Aamora (On bonus, 2007) 3'12"
Aaltonen (On bonus, 2007) 7'31"
On the Air (On bonus, 2007) 6'02"
(20 tracks - total 79'49" of RR ambient sound)

DJ Markka:
Groovin’n’rokin’ thru the years with RinneRadio
1. Let’s Have Donc Line / RinneRadio(-88)
2. Dance and Visions/Dance and Visions(-90)
3. Helisma / Joik (-92)
4. Teo Teo / Unik (-94)
5. Aromaa Alt Too / RoK (-96)
6. Tapi / G (-98)
7. Zel / Nao (-01)
8. Harvester / Pan (-04)
9. D&V / + (-06)
10.Snips / On (-07)
- - - - - - - -
11. Bonus from the other side of RinneRadio: Heinillä härkien kaukalon
(Entre le boeuf et l’ans gris) / Joulu (-94) – My favourite Xmas carol, et quelle interprétation!
photo: Maarit Kytöharju

DJ Orkidean Top 10 Rinneradio-suosikkia:
01. Kuvala (JS16 remix)
02. Heinillä Härkien Kaukalon
03. Islandisk
04. Affluenza
05. Dance & Visions
06. Transel
07. Ahola
08. Ice swimming
09. Saloma
10. D#


photo: Mauri Juka

rrimöykk rinneradio lista:
snips_ (on)
metal room_ (bONus)
ylane_ (bONus)
d&v_ (+)
lumient_ (lumix)
airo_ (lumix)
nao_ (nao)
walk (op:l bastards rmx)_ (b)
lenak illalla_ (g)
hkbg_ (pfft)
riita_ (pfft)
nooga_ (dance & visions)
kuvala (brother brown's boot remix)

1 Blue In Purple
2 Aromaa
3 Vedet
4 Ice Swimming
5 Pole Star
6 Nao
7 Helmi
8 Mel
9 Val (P6sto4 / Hemma Beast Remix)

Muffler - Rinneradio all time TOP 10
1.Blue In Purple
4.Fear Of The Unknown
5.A Lot Of Interference (Rok albumilta)
6.Eir 2 V
7.Tammi (Lumix albumilta)

Teoteo (Unik)
Helsinki (G)
Zel (Nao)
Affluenza (Nao)
Helsinki Northeast (Lumix)
Aromaa (Pan)
Harvester (Pan)
Sella The Dog (Plus)
Better (On)
Ommatidi (On

Lena Popova
1. Walk
2. Aroma JS 16
3. Lenak illalla
4. Nooga
5. Kaapeli
6. Ommatidi
8. Saloma
9. Holahola
10. Hot Winters
11. ZEL
12. Affluenza DJPP mix

photo: terhi korhonen

Vilunki 3000
1. Ice swimming
2. Ecosystem
3. Tammi
4. NOrdic walking
5. Walk (meiä remix B-levyltä! ha ha, olin unohtanu kokonaan!)
6. Lunta
7. Puu
8. Aalloilla
9. Blue in purple (Vainion rmx B-levyltä)
10. Affluenza

ja viel bubbling under:
11. Affluenza PP-remix
12. Nooga
13. Hola
14. Snips
15. Slow Travel
16. Walk orgis mix
17. marras
18. Paimen
19. Juju
20. Aamora

Disc 1:
01. Teo Teo 4:40 Kajasto, T.Rinne; from Unik, 1994
Tapani Rinne: Bass Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone
Kajasto: Programming, Keyboards
Jari Kokkonen: Sampler
Iiro Rantala: Piano
Sami Kuoppamäki: Percussion
Wimme Saari: Vocal Sample

Recorded and Mixed by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios
Produced by RinneRadio

02. Nooga 4:08 T. Rinne; from B, 1999
Tapani Rinne: Bass Clarinet
Zarkus Poussa: Keyboards, Xylophone
K. One: Programming
Jari Kokkonen: Keyboards, Sampler

Produced by RinneRadio

03. Affluenza 5:10 T.Rinne, V. Erkola; from Nao, 2001
Tapani Rinne: Bass Clarinet, Keyboards
Pauli Saastamoinen: Bass Clarinet Treatment, Post Production
Veikka Erkola: Keyboards, Programming

Recorded by Pauli Saastamoinen at Aanittamo
Mixed And Produced by Veikka Erkola

04. Harvester 6:35 T. Norvio, T. Rinne; from Pan, 2004
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone
Verneri Lumi: Electronics
Juusonik: Percussion
Pekka Kuusisto: Violin

Recorded, Mixed and Edited by Tmu Korpipää at Finnvox and Popnalli Studios

05. Dance And Visions 4:45 T. Rinne; from Dance And Visions, 1990
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone, Barytone Saxophone
Keimo Hirvonen: Drum Samples
Tommi Lindell: Rhythm Programming, Synthesizers
Seppo Tyni: Guitar
Jari Kokkonen: Bass
Seppo Kantonen: Electric Piano

Recorded and Mixed by Speedy Saarinen at Finnvox Studios
Produced by Tapani Rinne and RinneRadio

06. Aromaa Alt Too 6:00 T. Rinne; from Rok, 1996
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone
Kajasto: Sounds and Rhythm
Jari Kokkonen: Sounds and Bass
Freakmaster K. One: Beats'n'Disturbments
Dj Yuhis: Sounds

Recorded Live by Tage Ylitalo at Vanha, Helsinki, Finland
Produced by RinneRadio

07. A Lot Of Interference 11:30 T. Rinne, Kajasto; from live EP, 1995
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone
Kajasto: Sounds and Rhythm
Jari Kokkonen: Keyboards and Samples
Freakmaster K. One: Turntables

Recorded Live by Smoju Paju at Tullikamari, Tampere, Finland

08. Saloma 4:07 P. Saastamoinen; from Unik, 1994
Tapani Rinne: Bass Clarinet, Mouthpieces
Pauli Saastamoinen: Keyboards, Samples, Programming
Wimme Saari: Vocal
Janne Lehto: Guitar
Matti Wallenius: Guitar

Recorded and Mixed by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios

09. Walk 4:12 T. Rinne, J. Johansson; from G, 1998
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Keyboards, Vocoder, Xylophone
Freakmaster K. One: Keyboards, Programming, Scratches
Jari Kokkonen: Sampler
Pauli: Additional Programming, Voice

Recorded by Pauli at Aanittamo
Mixed by Pauli at Finnvox

10. Ice Swimming 3:12 T. Rinne; from On, 2007
Tapani Rinne: E-flat Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Keyboards, Whizzer Siren Whistle
Verneri Lumi: Programming
Juuso Hannukainen: Cajon
Johanna Juhola: Accordion
Pauli Saastamoinen: Additional Programming and Engineering

Recorded by Verneri Lumi at Kaapeli C and Aanittamo 2
Mixed by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios

Tracks 1 & 8 licensed from Aani Records. Track 5 licensed from Johanna Kustannus.

Disc 2:

01. Aalloilla 1:31 Kajasto; from Joik, 1992
Kajasto: Keyboards, Samples

Recorded Live at Savoy Theatre, Helsinki
Engineered by Speedy Saarinen

02. Airo 5:21 T. Rinne; from Lumix, 2003
Tapani Rinne: Bass Clarinet, Keyboards
Pauli Saastamoinen: Programming

Recorded and Mixed by Pauli Saastamoinen at Aanittamo
Produced by Pauli Saastamoinen

03. Nao 5:45 T. Rinne, V. Erkola; from Nao, 2001
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Veikka Erkola: Keyboards, Programming
Zarkus Poussa: Percussion
Pauli Saastamoinen: Atmospherics

Recorded by Pauli Saastamoinen at Aanittamo
Produced and Mixed by Veikka Erkola

04. Mel 3:50 T. Rinne; from Plus, 2006
Tapani Rinne: Bass Clarinet, Keyboards
Verneri Lumi: Electronics, Vocoder
Juuso: Cajon, Congas

Programmed and Recorded by Verneri Lumi
Mixed by Verneri Lumi and Pauli Saastamoinen

05. In Nera 6:07 Kajasto, T. Rinne; from EP Dior In Nera, 1993
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet
Kajasto: Sounds and Rhythm
Jari Kokkonen: Sounds

Recorded and Mixed by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios
Produced by Tapani Rinne

06. Blue In Purple 4:54 T. Rinne; from Joik, 1992
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone
Kajasto: Keyboards, Rhythm Programming
Jari Kokkonen: Keyboards, Sampler
Seppo Kantonen: Piano
Eeva: Voice

Recorded by Speedy Saarinen at YLE M 1 Studio and Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios
Mixed by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios
Produced by Jukka Hakoköngäs and Tapani Rinne

07. D# 7:13 T. Rinne; from Unik, 1994
Tapani Rinne: Bass Clarinet
Kajasto: Keyboards, Programming

Recorded and Mixed by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios

08. Paimen 7:06 T. Rinne, Kajasto, J. Kokkonen, M. Vainio; from Pfft, 1997
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone
Kajasto: Sounds and Rhythm
Jari Kokkonen: Sounds and Rhythm

Remixed Live By Mika Vainio at Vanha, Helsinki, Finland

09. Ahola 4:38 T. Rinne; from Nao, 2001
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone
Jouko Laivuori: Piano
Pauli Saastamoinen: Atmospherics

Recorded and Mixed by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox Studios
Produced by Tapani Rinne and Pauli Saastamoinen

10. But Anyway Green 4:20 E. Vesala; from RinneRadio, 1988
Tapani Rinne: Saxophones, Clarinets
Iro Haarla: Piano, Syntesizers
Seppo Tyni: Guitar, Bass
Edward Vesala: Drums, Percussion
Antero Priha: Trumpet

Recorded at Finnvox Studios
Engineered by Risto Hemmi, Markku Törrönen and Jimi Sumen
Mixed by Jimi Sumen at Finnvox Studios
Produced by Edward Vesala

bonus: Snow Gurochka 3:40 V. Alakhov, T. Rinne; feat. New Composers, previously unreleased
Tapani Rinne: Soprano Saxophone
New Composers: all other instruments

Produced by Valera Alakhov

Tracks 1, 5, 6, 7, 10 & 11 licenced from Aani Records.
Mastered by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox.
Cover Leena Kouhia and Arja Heinilä. Photo Eeva Rinne.

Thank you DJ's: Bunuel, Space Commander Mikkola, Markka, Orkidea, Tixa, rrimöykk, Slow, Muffler, Mobster, Lena Popova, Vilunki 3000, Borzin, Njassa, Yuhis, Ole Holmberg, Ole Nerdrum, Leena Lehtinen, Costi, Yogi, JS 16, Erkko, A. Myllykoski, Alimo, Maria Guzenina, DJPP, DeeMaa, Elukka, Aleksi Pahkala, Soppamies, Kaukolampi, Eppu... comprar viagra zona norte
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