Slowhill: Lento

1. Aces 4:17 *
2. Kaima 4:24
3. Sound One 6:46
4. Inglewood 4:27
5. Due Day 4:41 *

* Featuring Esa Pulliainen on guitar

Written by T. Rinne and Dj Slow, except
Track 2 written by T. Rinne, Dj Slow and Anna-Karin Korhonen
Track 3 written by T. Rinne, Dj Slow, Kalle Chydenius and Leri Leskinen
Kaima contains a sample from Kaimaani by Anna-Karin Korhonen Ja AVERTERE

Produced by Kalle Chydenius
Mastered by Pauli Saastamoinen at Finnvox
Cover design and photo by Jan Lehtonen and Teo Rinne

Aani Records 2017